Listing Categories

Go to Listings > Categories page to create a new category or edit the created categories.

After activating the uListing plugin, you can use three default categories: buy, rent, sale. Each created listing product can be sold, can be given for rent, or can be in the sale. These categories will be shown as a filter in the listing inventory page when you add them to the "search form" filter.

To add a new category, you must fill the given gaps for the following attributes:

  • name - the name of the category which is shown on your site

  • slug - used for URL name

  • parent category - can be none or any other category created before

  • description - it is optional, you can skip it but some themes may show this attribute

  • listing type - it can be a single listing type or more than one.

After filling in the necessary attributes, click the Add New Category button below to create it.

On the right side of that page, you can see all the present categories with their description, slug, and count info.

As the above example shows, you can hover any category to edit or to delete.