New Plan Creation

The Pricing Plans allow you to sell the access users to sell their listings.

Go to the Dashboard > Pricing Plans in order to manipulate the plans.

You can add a new pricing plan by clicking Add New Plan button in the Pricing Plans subsection.

Fill in the Title field in order to name the pricing plan.

Two types of payment plans are available in the Pricing Plans.

  • One-time payment is bought by clients to pay only once.

  • Subscription is bought by clients weekly, monthly, or annually.

Subscription payment is available only for the PRO version users after installing Subscription Pro Addon.

There are two types of pricing plans: Limit count and Featured plan.

Limit Count is for a simple listing bundle to sell and decides how many listings the client can create.

The Featured plan is for featured listings and decides how many times the client can make the listing(s) featured.

Limit count

The Limit count is the total amount of listings attached to the specific Pricing Plan.

In case of the Basic pricing plan, users who bought this plan can't publish more than 10 listings.

Feature plan

The Featured plan is an awesome feature for making some chosen listings at the top. Below you can see the result of images how featured plan is shown over the listing:

Featured listings are randomly showing always at the top of the inventory page with high priority. All listings, including featured listings, locate after the featured listings section on the inventory page in regular order.

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