Email and Cron Settings

Cron Settings

You need the Cron Settings to enable the auto email notification to inform users of the website about new options or changes corresponding to their saved search parameters.

To activate this function, copy the highlighted text below the dropdown list "Alternate" and paste it to the specified file wp-config.php using any editor.

After saving the wp-config file, refresh your website and the message will be gone:

Email Settings

After settings up the cron settings like shown above in Cron Settings, you can go to the Email settings section to form the message content of the auto email notification feature. The auto email notification feature is very useful for users to be informed about any status changes, created new options, or expired payments and etc..

In Email settings, you can configure the Email manager attributes.

As you can see above picture, you can upload your logo image, banner image, social links.

All notifications of the Email Template Manager will go to the address which a user registered.

Here is the list of email messages that notify users about different situations:

Each email message has the status and the MANAGE button which you can configure a message inside.

Click any email message MANAGE button and begin to manage your chosen notification message.

As an example, the user-confirm message is managed below. You can see several enable/disable radio buttons to configure with the default email content. After managing the email message settings, do not forget to click the save button below.

Let's see how it come to our email by creating a new username:

Then click the button Register with working email address. So the user creation process is done. Go to your email address and the message should come by Email Template Manager:

You have to confirm your account and begin to use our system.

After that, you will be directed to your account page. Go to My Plans and buy any desired plan if you want to buy a plan: