Creating Preview (Grid, List) View

Now we have learned a lot. It is time to learn how to create previews, such as a grid, a list.

To do this, click on the button of the preview item.

Here you can see a very large builder. Now we will explore it.

  • This is a grid view. Now by default it is also a grid view

  • This is a list view. You can click to see its view.

  • This is a map view. You can click to see its view.

  • Grid, list and map templates are available here. You can customize the size of their columns in some views and you can select templates to display them.

  • The basic elements for displaying attributes using the Attribute Box, Thumbnail Box and with shortcodes.

  • The general attributes.

  • View Content.

To collect content page, you need to see the Inventory Layout chapter, in which we explained how to create a layout.