Listing Pricing Plans

When you installed and activated the uListing plugin, you will have three main sections. They are Listing Types, Listings, and Pricing Plans. Each has its own attributes and subsections relatively.

In this article, we will discuss the Pricing Plans section.

Go to the Pricing Plans section and there you will see three subsections:

  • Pricing Plans - You will see the existing pricing plans of your website for monetization

  • Add New Plan - You will create a new pricing plan here

  • User Plans - You will control the user's plans, status or create a new plan for any user

Add New Plan

To add a new pricing plan, you can go to the Pricing plans subsection and click the Add New Plan button

Or you can go to the Add New Plan subsection directly:

After clicking the Add New plan button in either way explained above, you will be directed to the simple page like below:

Give a title for your plan and scroll down to see the Pricing plans manager:

There are two types of pricing plans: Limit count and Featured plan.

Limit Count is for a simple listing bundle to sell and decides how many listings the client can create

The Featured plan is for featured listings and decides how many times the client can make the listing(s) featured

You can get more information about the featured plan below in the Pricing Plans section. In the example below, a limit count plan type is created:

Fill all the attributes according to your purpose and then publish your work.

There are two types of payment plan: One-time payment and Subscription

One-type payment is bought by clients to pay only once.

Subscription payment is bought by clients weekly, monthly, or annually.

Subscription payment type is available only when you have installed Subscription Pro Addon. You can review it to go into deep.

After installing the subscription add-on, you will have a different pricing plan manager window. As extra functionality, you can assign a number for the feature limit in the subscription add-on.

Buy plan as a client

As a client, you have to sign in to the website and go to your account page.

You can get detailed information about an account page in the User Profile section

There you can see your profile, go to the My plans section to buy a plan or click the button Buy plan over the sections at the right:

You will be directed to a pricing plan page:

On the Pricing plan page, there will be one-type payment plans and subscription plans i.e all plans admin created.

Now you can choose any plan to buy, click the Buy Package link of the chosen card. Let's buy the Basic package:

Pay in the way you feel comfortable with. Then enter your name and email address:

Then click the PLACE ORDER button and you will see the information about your plan:

Now, you can create a listing. Go to the Add listing page and choose a listing type:

For example, a car listing type is chosen. Then you have to fill in all the necessary data to create.

You can review how to create a listing as a client in the Listing Creation section

After creating the simple listing, the plugin asks you to make that listing featured or not. If you want to do it, you can choose any featured plan and click the button SET FEATURE:

Then in the My listing section of your account page, you can see your listings:

By default, a listing created by the client is in the pending listing status. If the admin approves it, then it will be in published status.

If the listing is a simple listing, the client can make it a featured listing by clicking the PROMOTE button.

If the listing is created featured itself, the PROMOTE button is not shown and the end time for featured listing will be shown.

You can cancel your listing or edit it by clicking the Pending button.

Pricing Plans

In the Pricing Plans subsection, you can edit your plan or trash them.

To edit or to delete, just hover that plan and click the operation due to your wish.

Here is the result of Basic, business, premium plans:

The Featured plan is an awesome feature for making some chosen listings at the top. Below you can see the result of images how featured plan is shown over the listing:

Featured listings are shown always at the top with higher priority than a simple listing.

So, a listing can be a simple listing (default) or a listing can be featured with the highest visibility priority on the page.

As an admin of the website, you can create several pricing plans for featured listings. You can make any listing featured by clicking the feature button and assign it to any registered client.

A client should buy a featured plan first, then after he has created a listing, he can choose a featured plan created by admin and make that listing featured.

Only after an admin of the website has created featured plans, then clients may buy those plans and make their listings shown at the top among other simple listings.

A bought featured plan can be used for any listing.

If you bought a featured plan with 20 counts, you can use it for 20 different listings or you can use it 20times for one listing. It depends on your choice.

User Plans

When you are directed to the User Plans page, there will be an empty window. However, you can create a number of plans for a specific user, just click the Add new button to add new.

Below the Add New button, there are some dropdown lists like plans, types, status, payment type, and dates to search plans easily.

Plans will show all existed plans. As an example, we created three plans.

The Type will be in two types: Limit Count and Feature Plan:

One-type payment allows you to create a Limit count plan or Feature plan.

Subscription payment type allows you to create a listing with limit counts and feature counts.

The Status contains four types of status of payment: Pending, Active, Inactive, Canceled.

Admin can change the listing status of a client. Admin creates pricing plans in whether active or inactive status.

The Type Payment will be in two types: One-time payment and Subscription

The remaining dropdown lists are for dates like expired data, created data.

Add new user plan

Click the Add New button in the user plans section and you will be directed to a new window:

Fill the given elements and click the save button:

The created user plans will be shown here:

In this part, you can get much useful information about all listings by user info. The last section of this page - Actions allows us to edit and view the listing:

If you click the eye icon to view the listing, you will see detailed information about the listing:

When you click the edit button next to the eye icon, you can edit the listing status, user, expired date:

Let's change these highlighted elements and check the result:

Listing status, user, and expired date are changed successfully and here is the result: