WP All Import plugin compatibility

STM WP All Import Addon

We have included this feature according to our clients’ needs. If you want to use WP All Import plugin for importing your Listings, you need to just install and activate STM WP All Import Addon plugin, which is included in the main theme package. Meanwhile, here you can download the latest version of this plugin.

This plugin doesn’t need to set up any settings/configurations.

Then you can go to All Import -> New Import and upload your own import file.

Here you can download example import files - Inventory_CSV and Inventory_XML.

The next step is Import Setup

Auto Manager Dealers

For Auto Manager dealers we have a ready import template, here you can download a ready import template that can be downloaded below

Upload this Template under All Import > Settings > Import/export templates section

After importing and saving the template, you can start import Auto Manager listings from CSV or XML without Import Setup from scratch as shown farther.

Import Setup

At the 3rd Step STM Addon plugin automatically creates needed fields under STM Listing Add-On section and you can drag your fields suitably inputs.

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