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There are 2 special filter elements in the Motors Listing Types plugin - MLT Classic Filter and MLT Search Tabs.

MLT Classic Filter (inventory filter)

Displays all the published listings that belong to a certain type of listing on a website.

You need to select a type of listings and numbers listings to display on List/Grid views.

To add filter options, navigate to the appropriate listing type and open its categories.

Edit desired categories and enable the Use on listing filter option. Save changes.

Filter options display below the Search Options block.

MLT Classic Filter displays categories/taxonomies that are assigned at least to one listing.

MLT Search Tabs

Allows displaying listing types and their search options as separate tabs selectively.

To add tabs, you need to click on the "+" icon in MLT Search Tabs settings.

Select the desired listing type.

Enter a title for the first tab in the Tab title field.

Tab ID is required in case you used Non-Latin characters in the Tab title field.

Chose all the needed taxonomies to display as search options.

Only categories where the Use on listing filter option is active, display in a taxonomies list of MLT Search Tabs.

You can place the MLT Search Tabs element to any part of the page content.

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