From Customize to Theme Options

Important! If you updated the theme to the 5.0 version or higher from older versions, it is required to go through this post carefully.

We always try to improve the theme features and functionality in every update of the theme. This requires us to add complicated options under the Customize area of WordPress. However the Customize area of WordPress is limited to add such functionality, we made the decision to develop our Nuxy framework to move the theme settings to the Theme Options area in the WordPress Dashboard.

Here is the Nuxy framework repository on GitHub where you can browse the source and keep track of development.

Theme Options is a new step in turning the Motors into an even more flexible, customizable theme. Now you can customize, even more, making every part of your template unique and manageable!

How to switch to Theme Options

If you are using the Motors theme version lower than 5.0 to trigger the Theme Options, you just need to update the theme first. After, go to the Appearance > Install plugins section and update the STM Motors Extends plugin.

All your configured settings under the Appearance > Customize setting will be automatically transferred to the Theme Options.

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