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Single Listing

Listings are custom post types used to showcase cars that company owners publish as advertisements. Site administrators can access all listings in Dashboard > Listings > All Items section:
For each listing, you can specify a description, standard Singe Car Page Options, and customizable Car Options with Listing Manager while editing them individually.
The layout of all published listings will be displayed according to a single listing template.

Listing Description (Seller's notes) with Elementor

The single listing description is a regular WordPress Classic editor where authors can provide short information about the vehicle.
The description will be displayed as Seller's notes on the Single listing page:

Listing Description with WPBakery

In demo layouts which were imported with the WPBakery page builder display page template with widgets:
It is possible to replace the widgets and create a custom layout for selected listings using the WPBakery page builder.

Listing manager

In the Listing Manager section, information about a vehicle will be added.

Singe Car Page Options

The "Page options" section of the individual listing contains settings for the Hero section of the post.
  • Page Background Color - Changes the background color of the Single listing:
With background color
  • Transparent Header - Makes header menu background transparent.
  • TITLE BOX Alignment - Aligns the title of the listing in the hero section:
  • Title - option to enable/disable title box section:
Title Box Enabled
  • Select Title Tag - option to select HTML tag for hero title.
  • Sub Title - Custom text for the Hero section displayed below the title.
  • Background Color - changes the background color to replace the default background image of the title box.
  • Font Color - the font color of the page title
  • Line Color - option to set a custom color for decorative lines.
  • Sub Title Font Color - the font color of the subtitle.
  • Custom Background Image - changes the background image to replace the default background image of the title box.
  • Breadcrumbs - when enabledBreadcrumbs will be displayed at the top of the page:
Breadcrumbs enabled