In the "Listing Details" section, you can configure different static car options by filling out the following information about a vehicle:
  • Mention the stock number of a vehicle;
  • Listing location;
  • Latitude and longitude;
  • VIN number or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number stamped into the chassis of a car that serves as the car's unique identity code;
  • City or highway mileage per gallon;
  • Registration date (works only with Classified layout);
  • Certification name (works only with Classified layout);
  • Certificate 1 Link;
  • Certified 1 Logo;
  • Certificate 2 Link;
  • Certified 2 Logo;
  • Brochure;
  • Created by;
  • Amount of car views;
  • Amount of phone views.
You can preview the changes you made if you see the "eye" icon in front of the option.