Listing submission form: Sell Your Vehicle

How to submit Listings in Dealership Layouts?

In dealership layouts, Listings are exclusively submitted by site administrators. Guest users can submit their listings to the admins by following three simple steps on the form.

To enable users to submit listings on their end and create a multi-vendor site, the Classified demos should be used with the "Add Car" feature.

pageAdd Listing

The form fields are static, and it is not possible to add additional ones by editing the form. The labels of the fileds can be translated into different languages easily with the Loco Translate plugin.

When the listing is submitted, the site administrator receives an email containing form fields with the values submitted by the user:

When the "Trade in" form is submitted from a Single listing page, Admin receives the same email.

The Content of the email can be rearranged and customized through the Email Templates manager:

pageEmail Templates

Publishing submitted Listings

When users submit the form, the uploaded images will be saved to the WordPress media gallery. Site administrators can create listings by using values from Email.

pageSingle Listing

"Sell Your Vehicle" form on Elementor

To include the "Sell Your Vehicle" form, you can add the "Sell Your Car" widget to the page:

In the widget settings, you can change the Accent Color of the Headings of the form.

It is recommended to add an additional text widget to provide short instructions for users filling out the form.

"Sell Your Vehicle" form on WPBakery

To include the "Sell Your Vehicle" form, you can add the "STM Sell a Car" widget to the page:

How to add reCaptcha to a form

It is highly recommended to create an API for Google reCAPTCHA and add keys to the theme options. This will protect the form from SPAM requests.

If you do not have any keys generated, you can create them by using the link provided below.

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