Google Maps API

Start a new Project

From the Google Cloud Platform, create a New Project

1. Name your project using a unique name (note: this cannot be changed later)

2. Fill out your Organization's name

3. Enter the location of your project

Billing Information

We will now need to set up billing information for your project. You may do this from the Left Panel > Billing

Billing Step One

  1. Select a Country that applies to your project

  2. Agree to Terms of Service

  3. Click Continue

Billing Step Two

In the second step, you need to verify your Contact information:

After receiving the verification code confirm it:

Billing Step Three

  1. Select an Account type

  2. Enter a Business Name

  3. Select a Payment Method

  4. Enter your Payment information as chosen above (example: credit card)

Click the Start My Free Trial button, and you can return to the project dashboard. Your billing information is now complete for this project.

Creating Credentials

From the APIs and Services > Credentials Tab, click the + Create Credentials link and select the API key:

You will now get an API key. For your protection, it is best to restrict this key from being used elsewhere:

Adding Applications

We can now associate applications to be used with your key. From the APIs and Services dashboard click library

Adding Maps Embed API

In the search box type in Maps. You will need the Maps Embed API for the Elementor Widget. Select this in the list below and Enable.

Click the Enable Maps Embed API Button

Then search for Maps JavaScript API:

Click the Enable Maps JavaScript API Button:

This will now show in your list of available APIs and start collecting data.

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