Rental Products

Rental products were developed using the WooCommerce plugin, and there are three types of these products:

  1. Standard WooCommerce Products - Vehicles with a single payment option.

  2. Variable WooCommerce Products - Vehicles with variable payment options. They are available in the Auto Rental One demo only.

  3. Car option - Options that can be included in a vehicle.

Car options

How to create a new vehicle

You can create under Dashboard > Products > Add new:

While creating the product set name and Featured image:

Next, you can proceed to the "Car Rent Info" section where you can enter the details of the vehicle.

Car rent Info

Car info section of rental produces includes general information about the vehicle:

The Car rent Info section includes the following settigns:

  • Stock Quantity - set number of vehicles from this category. When listings are out of stock, there will be a notice on the reservation page:

  • Cars Included -Define the car makes that are included in this class.

  • Offices - Set location where the vehicle is located.

In Auto Rental One Demo the "Features", "Seat", "Bag", and "Door" are car atributes. For further information and new custom attributes, please refer to the manual below:

Product Attributes

After making adjustments to the car information, we can proceed to the product types.

Standard WooCommerce Products

Standard WooCommerce products are vehicles that offer a single payment option. You can choose the product type in the "Product Data" section of the WooCommerce product.

After choosing the product type, set a Regular price that will be multiplied by the number of selected days.

Product Attributes in Auto Rental Two demo

In Auto Rental Two demo layout the car attributes should be selected in "Product Data" section of WooComerce.

You can either choose from the existing attributes or create new ones with custom values.

Product Attributes

Variable WooCommerce Products

Variable WooCommerce products are vehicles with different payment options at different pricing. A variable product allows you to choose different payment option in Reservation page.

Variable products type is avaialbe on Auto Rental One demo only.

You can choose the product type in the "Product Data" section of the WooCommerce product.

Setting a regular price is not required for variable products because we set prices for each variation individually.

Product Attributes

Once the product type has been selected, proceed to the Attributes section. To add new attributes, simply click on the "Add new" button:

Enter options for customers to choose from, f.e. “Pay Now” or “Pay Later”. Use “|” to separate different options.

We will use these attributes to create different variations of the product.

Product Variations

Once you have added the product attributes, navigate to the Variations section. Generate variations from all added attributes by simple clicking "Generate variations" button.

System will generate product variations based on Product Attributes.

We can determine prices and select a default payment method by expanding each variation.

Here you can find more information about Variable products:

Product short description

It is possible to add a short description for rental cars, which will be visible on the reservation page.

In the Auto rental demo layout, it is possible to upload multiple car images as a product gallery.

They will be visibile in "Image Gallery" tabs as slider in Reservation page:

Car Rent Price Info

You can access additional pricing settings at the bottom of the page, where you can customize them according to your needs.

The following manual will review each option in detail:

Pricing system

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