Product Attributes

Product Attributes are considered key features of the listings and include specific information about vehicles. By adding Product Attributes you can provide Car Specifications.

In the Rental One demo layout, specifications can be added using Listing Categories, while in the Rental Two demo, they can be added with WooCoommerce attributes.

How to add Car Specifications in Rental One

You can modify the demo categories or add your own options via the WordPress Dashboard > Listings > Listing Categories section.

The Category can be edited by expanding it or clicking on the pencil icon:

The available options for listing categories are as follows:

  • Singular name - Singular label of Listing category.

  • Plural name - Plural label of Listing category.

  • Slug - The URL for the listing category should be as short as possible.

  • Choose icon - The symbol representing the category on the reservation page and Vhicles Grid:

How to add Car Specifications in Rental Two

In Rental Two demo layout car specifications are added as Product Attributes:

Here you can quickly and easily add attributes and their terms.

  • Add a Name.

  • Add a Slug; (optional); this is the URL-friendly version of the name.

  • Add an Attribute Image of the symbol representing the category on the reservation page.

  • Enable Show on Car Info to display attributes on the Reservation page:

The new attribute will be added in the table on the right but without values.

Select the “Configure terms” text to add attribute values:

Next Add New “Attribute name”, where “Attribute name” automatically takes the name you gave the attribute in the previous step.

Add as many values as you wish. If you selected “Custom ordering” for the attribute, reordering your values can be done here.

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