Motors VIN Decoder Integration

Provide your customers with the safety selling and purchasing the vehicle's service thanks to the integration of the Motors theme with the Motors VIN Decoder plugin. The Motors VIN Decoder plugin allows decoding the vehicle VIN number which contains all the vehicle specifications.

A VIN number displays the car's unique features, characteristics, and manufacturer. The VIN can be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance coverage.

General Settings

The Motors VIN Decoder plugin can be installed from the default repository of WordPress.

After installing and activating, the Motors VIN Decoder plugin appears on the Dashboard menu.

The VIN-Decoder Specification Providers can be selected on the plugin panel. The NHTSA VIN specification provider is selected by default and gives unlimited vehicle VIN specifications.

Other VIN specification providers and vehicle VIN history features are available in the PRO version of the plugin.

Go to the Dashboard > Theme Options > Header > VIN Check in order to enable the VIN code checking feature.

Once the VIN Check button is activated, the new VIN-Check tab will be displayed on the main page.

The button appearance depends on the selected header style on the Theme Options > Header > Main > Header layout field and is only available for the Dealer header layout.

VIN Check Page

On the VIN Check Page section, indicate the forwarding page to check the vehicle VIN number.

Checking the vehicle VIN feature can be inserted on the selected page either by adding the STM Vehicle VIN Check widget or by pasting the [stm_motors_vin_decoders] shortcode into the page.

The VIN Check page displays a form where the vehicle VIN number can be entered.

Vehicle specifications display as shown below.

Notice for VIN Modal windows

The Notice for VIN Modal windows is for the notifications to display when the VIN modal pop-ups.

When the VIN number entered, the plugin sends a request to the selected vehicle data provider and displays the received information on the web page. All provided information is related to the selected VIN Decoder provider, which means that the VIN Decoder plugin and your website are not responsible for this info if something is displayed incorrectly.

This information can be written to warn the visitors through the Notice for VIN Modal windows notification.

VIN Decoder plugin widgets

Two additional widgets come with the VIN Decoder plugin.

STM VIN Button for Motors Listing Car details page

This widget can be used on the single listing page to check the VIN number of the selected vehicle. The widget can be placed at any location on the single listing page.

By clicking on the View VIN Report button, a popup with the current vehicle's characteristics will be displayed and can be downloaded in PDF file format.

STM Vehicle VIN Check

This widget can be used to display the VIN Check Form on the page, where the vehicle VIN number can be entered to see the details.

Motors VIN Decoder Autocomplete

The integration of the Motors theme gives more opportunities to upgrade the Motors Vin Decoder plugin with the powerful autocomplete feature.

The auto-complete feature fills in the specified fields with vehicle information in the listing creation process according to the information from the VIN number.

In order to enable the auto-complete feature go to the Settings of selected VIN-Decoder Specification Provider from the Motors VIN Decoder plugin.

On the opening page, select the appropriate API options which match with VIN detail and save changes. Mentioned API option fields will be automatically filled by pasting the vehicle's VIN number.

Required vehicle information may differ in other VIN service providers.

Vehicle's Make, Model, Fuel Type, and Year variables are taken as an example.

The auto-complete feature is available in the admin dashboard as well as on the frontend of the Classified Listings layouts.

Dashboard auto-complete

After saving the changes go to the new listing creation menu and paste the VIN number of the vehicle that you want to add as a listing.

After pasting the VIN number, the vehicle's Make, Model, Fuel Type, and Year variables filled automatically.

Add a Car Form auto-complete

On the Classified layout, dealers can place their listings with the help of Add Your Item button.

Entering a vehicle's VIN number prevents filling the fields manually.

Motors VIN Decoder PRO

The Pro version of the Motors Vin Decoder plugin contains many comprehensive features extending plugin possibilities. The plugin is highly essential for all automotive industry representatives. This includes car and motorcycle dealers, car rental companies, and repair services.

The Pro version of the plugin shows the number of reported accidents with accident dates and severity of damages. It tracks down stolen vehicles to provide customers only safe and eligible services.

The plugin work is based on API access to decode a VIN number. Pro Plugin supports extra paid VIN services as Marketcheck, Vin Audit,, Databases of the Ministry of Transportation of Israel.

The Pro version of the Motors Vin Decoder plugin contains the following features in addition to the free version:

  • Four Global (USA, Europe, Asia & Middle East) Vehicle Data Providers

  • Check Vehicle History (service records, road accidents, repairs, previous owners and etc)

  • Track Mileage/odometer

  • Service Records

  • Damage Check

  • Theft Check

  • Last Sale Price

The Pro version of this plugin also allows accessing dealer maintenance and car classifieds & listings by the autocomplete feature with the integration of the Motors theme.

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