Important: Each theme layout contains a unique structure and complex functionality. Therefore, the settings and sections of the Theme Options may differ depending on the installed layout.

The Theme options panel has been specially created to make your workflow faster and easier. Using it is very easy, and in just a few minutes, you can change a lot of things on your website.

Let's start our acquaintance with the General section settings.

Theme Skin

Here you can select the overall color styling for your website from the predefined skins:

If you want to use your own color scheme, you can select the Custom Colors option and apply the Custom Base Car Dealer Color and Custom Secondary Car Dealer Color respectively.

Depending on the using layout the Custom Base Car Dealer Color and Custom Secondary Car Dealer Color affects the color of the different elements.

Boxed Layout

You can display the website in the boxed layout view by turning on the Enable Boxed Layout option.

Once the option is enabled related settings will be displayed:

Select one of the provided images or upload your own image as a background image of boxed layout

Enable Preloader

Enable or Disable the preloader on your website by turning on/off the Enable preloader option.

A preloader is what you see on your screen while the rest of the page’s content is still loading. When the page is loaded from the server, some styles/scripts are loaded later (or takes more time) than others, it’s just processing data. This leads to the fact that the page can be displayed without style for a few seconds. To let visitors know that the website hasn’t crashed, we encourage you to use the preloader.

The theme preloader appears like this:

Site smooth scroll

Enable this option if you want the scrolling of the pages in the theme to roll smoothly. When this option is disabled, the scrolling will stop as soon as the user lets go of the mouse roller.

Google Maps API key

Insert the Google Maps API key to display the Google Maps on your website.

Follow to and obtain the Google Maps API key and enter into the relevant field.

To correctly appear the map on the website the Maps JavaScript API should be enabled.


Enable the reCAPTCHA v3 for the built-in forms in the theme. Then enter the Public and Secret keys on appropriate fields.

To obtain the keys for Google reCAPTCHA please follow this link:

Note: the reCAPTCHA appears on the following built-in forms: Trade In Form, Make An Offer Price, Schedule Test Drive, Add a Car, Sell a Car.

Here is an example of how correctly fill the page fields:

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