Classified Users

Classified demo layouts have unique features that allow the creation of multi-vendor sites. In these layouts, users can register and publish their own listings. There are 3 types of users in the Classified version of the theme. They are:

  • Administrator

  • Private Seller (Subscriber)

  • STM Dealer

All user roles can submit listings on the "Add listing" page.

pageAdd Listing

In the following manual, we will review how to create users, change user roles, and manage listings.

How can users be registered?

Users can create an account through the Login/Register page:

Registered users will receive the "Subscriber" user role and will be identified as Private Seller on their account and single listing page.

To enable login through social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more, the theme has been integrated with the "WordPress Social Links" plugin. You can download and install the plugin from the attached file.

Creating a login/register page with Elementor

You can create a new page and add a "Login Register" widget while editing the page with Elementor:

In the widget settings, select a page that contains your Terms of Service, and publish your changes.

Creating a login/register page with WPBakery

You need to add the STM User/Dealer login/register module in the content in order to create a Listing authorization page:

The page can be published by selecting "Link to Terms of Service page."

Users with Private Seller role

As previously mentioned, when users register, they will be assigned the "Subscriber" user role, which we refer to as "Private Sellers."

This role is designed for individuals looking to sell their personal vehicles or those operating small businesses.

After logging in users will be redirected to their profile page. Here they can see all existing Ads and other profile settings:

Private Sellers users can use the profile settings to perform several actions, including setting profile pictures, adding social links, defining a phone number, or changing their current password.

Their public account of the Users displays contact details and published listings as follows:

Private sellers can expand their abilities by transitioning to the status of a "Dealer."

Users with Dealer role

After logging in Dealers will be redirected to their profile page. Here they can see all existing Ads and other profile settings:

Dealers can use the profile settings to perform several actions, including setting profile pictures, adding social links, defining a phone number, or changing their current password.

Their public account the Dealer displays contact details, reviews, and published listings as follows:

This dealer role is designed for individuals who own a dealership and specialize in selling a high volume of vehicles.

Dealer Reviews

One of the main differences between dealership accounts from private sellers, they can be rated by customers:

Logged-in users can leave reviews for dealerships in their public account:

The site administrator can enable moderation for these reviews and change labels for stars in the Dealer settings in the theme options.

pageDealer Options

Dealer List Page

It is possible to add a filter to find local dealers that suit search parameters. To accomplish this, the "Dealers List" widget should be added to the page based on the page builder being used.

To include the filter for displaying local dealers, edit the page by adding the "Dealers List" widget to it:

In the widget general settings, select the necessary listing categories to include on the filter and publish the page.

The page enables users to locate local dealerships based on search results:

How to Become a Dealer?

Private sellers have the option to change their user role either by making a Membership Payment through PayPal or by subscribing to a Pricing Plan specifically designed for Dealers.

To allow users to become dealers, you can choose only one option. Therefore, it is necessary to select the method that best fits your business requirements.

We will review both options and provide detailed steps on how to set them up.

Becoming a Dealer with PayPal

The PayPal payment method enables private sellers to transition into becoming dealers with just one payment.

In order for Membership Payment to function correctly, you need to deactivate the WooCommerce Pricing plans within the Theme options.

Setting up PayPal within Theme Options

Initially, you have set up your PayPal settings under Theme Options > Inventory Settings > Pay Pal Settings.

To ensure the proper functioning of your PayPal Live account's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) should configured using the following URL:

You can find detailed instructions on how to set up your PayPal IPN in the documentation provided here: PayPal IPN Setup Guide.

Requesting to become a dealer

Private Sellers can submit requests on their user account:

After clicking the "BECOME A DEALER" button, it is required to fill out the company info:

After completing the submission User will be redirected to the PayPal system to make payment.

When a user submits a request to become a dealer, both the user and the admin will receive an email notification. Additionally, the user's payment status will be set to "pending" in their account.

The site administrator can view the payment status by accessing the WordPress Dashboard and navigating to Users > All Users > Seller Account > Edit.

After completing the payment, the Admin will be notified automatically by email about it and the user’s Payment status will be completed.

Then Admin can easily set/change the user role to STM Dealer manually.

Becoming a Dealer with Pricing Plans

The next popular option for changing user roles is purchasing pricing plans specifically designed for dealers.

Initially, the site administrator should create a pricing plan for dealers:

pagePricing Plans

On the user account, users can click on "UPGRADE PLAN" to purchase a new pricing plan.

The user will be redirected to the page with Pricing plans and should select the plan labeled "For Dealers".

When a user with a "Simple user" role purchases a pricing plan that is intended for "Dealer" roles, their role will automatically be changed to "STM Dealer" upon successful payment.

After becoming the Dealer, the Company info should be updated in profile settings.

You can also configure the main settings for users by going to Theme Options > User/Dealer > User Options/Dealer Options:

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