Classified Users

There are 3 types of users in the Classified version of the theme. They are:
  • Administrator
  • STM Dealer
  • Simple user
You need to add the STM User/Dealer login/register module in the content in order to create a Listing authorization page
After logging in users will be redirected to their profile page. Here they can see all existing Adds and other profile settings
Users can easily add/modify their Ads using comfortable and understandable panel:
Simple users can send a request to Admin in order to Become a Dealer.
After completing the submission User will be redirected to the Paypal system, you have set up your Paypal settings under Theme Options -> Inventory Settings -> Pay Pal options.
When the user sends the request for becoming a Dealer, the user and admin will receive a notification and the user’s Payment status will be pending on the user page under the Users menu.
After completing the payment, Admin will be notified automatically about it and the user’s Payment status will be completed. Then Admin can easily set/change the user role to Dealer.
Also you can setup main settings for users under Theme Options -> User/Dealer -> User Options/Dealer Options:
User Options
Dealer Options
It's important to set your Paypal Live account IPN like // -