Car Rental layout features
Auto Parts Layout Settings
The Auto Parts Layout Settings section is displayed only on the Auto Parts Shop layout.

On the Icon For Best Selling Products field, upload the icon to indicate the best-selling product on your website. The best-selling product will be determined by the selling number. You can specify after how many sales the product will be designated as the best selling product on the Best Seller Product Minimum Amount field.
All the products in the Auto Parts Shop layout are WooCommerce products. The settings of the products are based on the WooCommerce plugin settings. Please make sure that the WooCommerce plugin is installed and configured. We encourage you to guide WooCommerce documentation to correctly set the plugin.

Here you need to define the number of times a product has been sold to mark this product as the best seller.

Here you can upload the icon to specify the Top Rated Product. The product will be labeled as rated according to the product's ratings. On the Best Rated Minimum Average field, indicate the minimum number of rate after what the product will be assigned as Top Rated.

Enter here the minimum average mark after which the product will be recognized as the best in the rating.

On this field, you can upload the icon to define t the sale products:
Enter the sale price of the product to designate a product for sale:

In the Single Product Template area, select a template to display the product page. There are two templates are available: Template With Sidebar and Template Without Sidebar. On the screenshots below see their appearance:
Template With Sidebar
Template Without Sidebar

Indicate which sidebar should be displayed on the single product page on the Single Product Sidebar field:
The sidebars are located under the Sidebars section of the WordPress admin dashboard or under the Appearance > Widgets section:
Sidebars section
Appearance > Widgets section

Define on which side of the single product page to display the sidebar, on the Left or Right side:

Here you can indicate or disable the Prefooter for the Shop and Single Product pages.
The pre-footer is created as a sidebar under the Sidebars section of the admin panel.
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