WhatsApp Button

WhatsApp Button is a feature which allows potential clients to directly converse with Dealers or with the Administrator of the site on WhatsApp Messenger.


To enable WhatsApp Button navigate to Theme Options > Single Listing and activate the 'Show WhatsApp Button' toggle switch.

Enable WhatsApp Button for Dealers

WordPress Dashboard

The Administrator of the website can enable the feature for all Dealers on Users> Edit user> STM User / Dealer additional fields. Furthermore, ensure that the 'Phone' field is filled with a valid number in a format that WhatsApp supports.

Dealer Profile

WhatsApp Button can also be enabled by the dealers of the website. For this, navigate to Profile Settings and fill in the necessary field with the valid phone number checking the box in front of the option “I have a WhatsApp account with this number“.

After Dealers are done with the set up process, they need to save the changes entering their current password into the appropriate field:

How to add WhatsApp Button to listings

There are several modules that display WhatsApp Button on listings such as STM Dealer Info (widget), STM Car Dealer Info, Social Buttons (WhatsApp).

STM Dealer Info (widget)

The default template takes the sidebar from Appearance > Widgets. There is an STM Listing Car Sidebar block there. Add the STM Dealer Info widget to the sidebar and enable the WhatsApp button.

Motors loads the default template when WPBakery Page Builder is not being used.

STM Car Dealer Info

STM Car Dealer Info element can be added through the WPBakery Page Builder.

STM Car Dealer Info element is available in the Car Dealership One, Classified Listing, Electric Vehicle Dealership, Classified Listing Three, Car Dealership Two, Classified Listing Four, Classified Ads, Motorcycle Dealers, Classified Listing Two, Aircrafts, Auto Parts Shop and Boats Dealership layouts.

Go to Listings and choose any listing to which you want to add STM Car Dealer Info. Click on the 'Plus' (+) icon, on the popup window find 'STM Car Dealer Info' element or use the Search bar to find it more quickly.

After you click on the 'STM Car Dealer Info' element, a new popup window will appear. Tick the 'Yes' box under 'Show WhatsApp Button' and save the changes.

You can add STM Car Dealer Info element anywhere you wish.

Do not forget to specify the creator of the listing so that your information can be displayed on the STM Car Dealer Info. Make sure that the author of the listing is correct and that the author has the correct WhatsApp settings as indicated in the previous section.

Here is the result of your added STM Car Dealer Info element:

Social Buttons (WhatsApp)

Social Buttons (WhatsApp) element can be used if you want to show the button without additional information about the author. Thus, this block can be used on blog posts and pages. The element will use the page or post author's WhatsApp number.

Go to Listings and choose any listing to which you want to add WhatsApp Button.

On WPBakery Page Builder click on the 'Plus' (+) icon.

On the popup window find STM Single Listing tab. Under this tab, find Social buttons (WhatsApp) element and click on it.

When you click on Social buttons (WhatsApp) element, a new popup window will appear and there you can adjust the properties of the button or you can leave them blank for default options:

Social buttons (WhatsApp) element can be added anywhere of the content by simply dragging and dropping the element.

Here is how it looks on the listing page:

How It Works

After clicking the 'Chat Via WhatsApp' button, you will be redirected to the appropriate page where you can start the conversation on WhatsApp Messenger by clicking the 'Continue To Chat' button.

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