Dealership & Classified Elements

Modules that were supported only by specific layouts, now can be applied to other templates as well. For example, you can use some widgets from the Car Dealership layouts with Classified listings without any issues.

Motors Layouts which support this option: Car Dealership One, Car Dealership Two, Classified Listing One, Classified Listing Two, Classified Listing Three, Classified Listing Four.

Check out some modules you can use:

  • STM Car listing tabs

  • STM Special Offers Carousel view

  • STM Listing Search Without Tabs

  • STM Special Offers Grid view

  • STM Icon Filter Grid View

  • STM Listing Search (tabs)

  • STM Listing tabs style 2

  • STM Blog Grid

  • STM Icon Filter Carousel view

  • STM Image Filter By Body Type

  • STM Inventory No Filter

  • STM Cars on Top Element

  • STM Dynamic Listing Two Filter

  • STM Dynamic Listing Filter

  • STM Inventory Map Wrap

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