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Car Rental layout features

Blink Search

The Show Search Result option displays items similar to the searching listing on the single listing page. After enabling the Show Search Result, the Full-Width Search Results option can be activated.

The Full-Width Search Results show similar searching items on the full-screen page. By default, this option is disabled, and similar searching items remain on a single item's container line.

The Full-Width Search Results can be enabled, which permits specify the number of items on the Desktop and Tablet screen size.

The Search Results feature appears after applying any listing filter.

Standard Inventory
Modern Inventory
Standard Inventory
Modern Inventory

Similar searching items enables on the bottom of the single listing page after selecting one of the parameters of the searching filter.

STM Inventory Search Results element

The location of the Similar Search Result Carousel can be changed on the single listing page. In order to change the location, place the STM Inventory Search Results any place on the single listing page.

Please note that by inserting the STM Inventory Search Results element to the single page, the Show Search Results option should be disabled to avoid duplicating the search result carousel.