Pay Per Listing

The users can also pay individually for each listing. In this way, users have the opportunity to add listings using subscription plans or only pay for each added listing separately.

This feature does not depend on Pricing Plans and can work together or separately with this system

Under the Pay Per Listing section you can configure the price and period for the pay per listing option:

Enable Pay Per Listing

First, enable the option by turning on the Enable Pay Per Listing.

Pay Per Listing Price

Then specify the listing price on the Pay Per Listing Price field:

Pay Per Listing Period (days)

On the Pay Per listing Period field, define the number of days after what the listing will automatically labeled as draft and will not appear on the website.

After the user completes Order, you will receive an Order Notification and then you need to publish the Listing manually via Dashboard.

When User/Dealer modifies the Listing, you will receive a notification with a revision link (with changes on Title and Content). Then only site admin can see those changes and approve or decline modification.

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