Configure the footer settings on the Footer section. Let's walk through the available settings:

Background Color

Set the footer background color on the Background Color field.

Widget Area

The Widgets Area makes it possible to specify the number of columns on the widgets section (max - 4). Or you can even remove the widgets section via Disable Widget Area Option:

The widgets can be added in the Appearance > Widgets section on the Footer area.

Note: the Demo Content doesn’t contain these widgets. So they need to be added manually.

If the number of added widgets exceeds the number of specified columns, then the widgets will go to the next line:

Enable the copyright area on the footer and enter the copyright text on the appropriate field.

Also, you can change the copyright section background color via Copyright Area Background Color


On the Socials section, you can select which socials to display on the Copyright section of the Footer.

The social networks buttons will be displayed only if the links to these social networks are provided in the Socials tab (Theme Options > Socials)

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