Add Listing Page

It is recommended to create a special page where private sellers and dealers can choose between available types of listings and publish their listings.
NOTE: This functionality is available in the Classified Listings layouts of the Motors Theme.

Add Your Item Page

Create a new page and add the MLT Add Buttons element.
In the MLT Add Buttons settings, you'll need to apply settings for the default listing type:
  • Default listing type label - label for the default listing type (e.g. Cars, Caravans, Equipment, etc.)
  • Default listing type icon - icon to define the default listing type.
  • Default listing type add page - a page with the STM Add a Car element.
Custom listing types get details from the Listing Types section.
Now, you need to set this page to the special button in the header. Navigate to Theme Options and open header settings.
Click the Buttons/Actions menu and enable Show Add a Car Button option.
Set the slug name of the newly created page to the Link field.
NOTE: In case subdomains or parent pages, it needs to include their slugs as well.
Now when you click on the Add Your Item button, you will be redirected to the listing type selection page.

Submit Listing Form

You'll need to edit Add Listing pages that you selected in the Listing Types section and add the MLT Add Form element.
Fill out the fields in all steps of the MLT Add Form and select the appropriate listing type.
Add some subsidiary elements to tie the whole page together.