Getting Started
Car Rental layout features

Rental Layout Settings

The Rental Layout Settings section exists only in the Rent a Car Service and Rent a Car Service Two layouts.

The rental products are based on the WooCommerce plugin. Remember to specify the Cart page, Checkout page, and My Account pages under the WooCoomerce > Settings > Advanced > Pages Setup section.

Also, we encourage you to adjust all other settings of the WooCommerce plugin guiding the plugin documentation.

Reservation Date Page

In the theme, the Reservation page is a WooCommerce Shop page, so the shop page needs to be indicated under the WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Shop Page field.

Rent a Car Service

On the Reservation Date Page field in the Rent a Car Service layout, you need to indicate the page where will displayed the reservation Information page:

On selected page must contain the STM Reservation navigation, STM Rent Car Form, and the STM Reservation Info modules:

Rent a Car Service Two

If you are using the Rent a Car Service Two layout, on the Reservation Date Page field specify the page on which the list of rented cars will be displayed.

For the selected page there is no need to contain specific modules to display the list of vehicles.

Checkout Order Received Endpoint Page

Here you need to specify the order received page:

The content of the page is displayed in the specified section in the screenshot below, the rest of the pages are taken from the order data.

Popup Discount Program Description

The Popup Discount Program Description will appear on the vehicle reservation page on clicking the discount field.

The option works if the Fixed Price for Quantity Days option is disabled.

Discount location
Discount Popup
Discount location
Discount Popup

Enable Fixed Price for Quantity Days

Turn on the Enable Fixed Price for Quantity Days option to set up fixed prices for rental products in discount by the number of days.

The fixed price can be specified under the Car Rent Price Info > Fixed Price By Quantity Days section on the vehicle backend-side page: