The Checkbox element allows you to add options for customers to choose several among them.

Element Tab

The primary configuration options for the element can be modified in the Element tab. The Checkbox element contains the following attributes in the Element tab:

  • Name - Title of the element.

  • Description - Description of the element.

  • Option Label - Add options for users to choose from

  • Values or Price - Add values (only numbers) to options

  • Hint - Add hint to options so your users know more about the option

  • Default Values - Add default options to the calculator

Styles Tab

The Styles tab is available in the Pro version of the plugin and there you can adjust the appearance of the field. The Checkbox element has the following attributes in the Styles tab:

  1. Style - For Checkbox options the following styles are available:

  • Default

  • Box

  • Box with the checkbox

  • Box with checkbox and description

  • Box with heading checkbox and description

  1. Box style - Checkbox options can be aligned with "Vertical" and "Horizontal" views.

Vertical Box Style:

Horizontal Box Style:

  1. Style preview - A preview of the selected style will be displayed.

  2. Apply this checkbox style to all checkbox fields in this calculator - When the option is enabled selected style will be applied to all Checkbox elements in the calculator which is being edited.

Settings Tab

The Checkbox element contains the following attributes in the Styles tab:

  • Currency Sign - Enable if you want to set another currency sign.

  • Round Value - Enable if you want not to round the value to the whole number.

  • Required - Defines whether the element will be required to fill or not.

  • Hidden by Default - The element will be hidden until a corresponding condition is met.

  • Show in Grand Total - Disable if you want to hide the element in Grand Total.

  • Allowed max & min number of options to select - Ability to set the maximum and minimum number of available options to choose from.

  • Additional Classes - Add extra classes to the HTML elements to further style changes.

Example of Using Checkbox Element

Let’s see an example of the Checkbox element in the Cleaning Company Template.

How it looks on the user’s page:

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