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How to Make a Price Estimator for Printing Services with Cost Calculator Builder

Online printing services enable anybody to purchase any form of printed goods, from personalized pocket photos and canvas paintings to business cards. Apart from being convenient, online printing services can transform anyone into a visual artist. Almost all suppliers give prepared templates with artistic text, picture, and layout variations. As a printing service owner, you should have a price estimation tool for your prospective clients. In this tutorial, we’ll talk briefly about making a Printing Services cost tool with Cost Calculator Builder.

Proceeding into the details,

The Backend Preview of the Calculator

First of all, You should inquire with your client about the sort of service they want. In order to do so, users must define the type of printing service they require. We're doing this via a Drop Down Menu.

For each type of printing service, the price will be updated.

Secondly, they need to define the size of the paper they need to be printed,

Then the weight of the paper can be selected with the Drop Down Menu,

After selecting the paper criteria, we need to move on to the quantity. The client needs to specify the number of papers needed to be printed. We’re using a Range Field for that,

Then, the price should vary according to the color. The plain black & white should be less priced and colored print would charge more.

Finally, we’ll use a Radio Field to choose whether the client wants the print to be Laminated or not.

The total amount will be calculated with this formula,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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