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How to Make a Cost Estimation Tool for Renovation Company

Building Houses takes a great deal of expenses. If you are in the remodeling or renovation business, you might have some fixed cost of services according to a house size and shape. With our Cost Calculator Builder you can make a cost estimation tool for your clients in order to help them budget for the house renovation.

Let’s go see an example calculator specifically for a Renovation/Remodeling Company.

First start with the main information which the client needs to provide. For remodeling a house the measurement of total space is needed. So for that we should add a Range Button Field where clients can select the total size of the house.

This should look like this,

Here, make sure to add the cost of each square feet price with the element name, so that the client doesn’t get confused.

Next, client should mention the number of rooms needed to be remodeled, we’re using Range Button Field,

Then, add the Number of Levels of the house using the same Range Button Field.

Keep in mind that you need to add a range value of minimum and maximum numbers of rooms and levels your company provides renovation services. Make them required as they are important information and add a range unit price.

After the client is done with giving the information, go to the next part. You can add HTML Code specifying the next service.

Now, the client can choose to select how they want the bathroom to be designed. We used a Drop Down Field for this purpose,

Then add a Range Field Button for Tiles.

And then add another Range Field Button for pipes changing if it needs to be upgraded,

Another attribute you can use is Line Field to sectionize services. It helps the client to understand the section of a calculator.

Then, you can add extra services along with their prices in the Checkbox Field,

The total amount can be calculated using this formula,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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