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How to Make a Venue Rental Service Calculator with Cost Calculator Builder

For arranging grand parties or events, venues are important. And arranging a perfect venue is a big deal in the arrangement of the program. So, before booking a venue online, the customers should know the expenditure of the equipment and other facilities. If you own a party hall or a place you want to rent for events, make a proper calculator and provide event facilities to deliver a seamless event experience using this venue rental calculator.

Let’s go over the tutorial now, our basic calculator will look like this:

At first, you must give the customers the option for halls to choose from if you have multiple ones available. You can avoid this section if the option is just one.

We're simply going to use the Drop Down Menu for that. We’re adding four options in this section.

For an event, an approximate guest number is necessary to mention so that the organizers can sort out the venue accordingly. We’ll do that using the Range Field from where the customer can select the guest number,

Then the customer must choose a food option which will be later counted along with the guest number. In that way, the total summary of food cost can be calculated. We’re using a Quantity Field for the Food Option,

Usually the venues offer individual timings for events. This option is shown in the calculator using Drop Down Menu,

Finally, as an organizer you can add extra services, the customer can choose from them as they like. In this module, we'll use a Checkbox Field.

Finally, the overall summary will be calculated by the following equation:

Frontend Preview

Exported Calculator:

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