Date Picker (Pro feature)
With the Pro version of the Cost Calculator Plugin, users are able to add important dates and date ranges to their calculators. To use Date Picker just drag and drop it from Elements section. Settings will be available by clicking the edit button:
The Date Picker element includes the following attributes:
  • Element Name - Title of the element
  • Element Description - Description of the element
  • Description Position - Position of the text, which is written on the Description field
  • Element Placeholder - The default input text shown in the date picker
  • Required - Enable to make date picking a required action
  • Toggle Datepicking restrictions - Disable for no restrictions set (i.e. for date of birth)
  • Default Hidden - The element will be hidden until a corresponding condition is met
  • Calendar Option - There are two types of Date picker elements, the first is with range and the second is no range
  • Additional Classes - Add extra classes to the HTML elements to further style changes
Result of the date picker with range:
Result of the date picker with no range:
Result of the date picker with restrictions:
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