How to create a calculator

Create a calculator

You can go to Dashboard > Cost Calculator and click the 'Create new' button in order to create a new calculator.

The calculator elements will appear on the right. Begin adding desired elements to your new form.

Adding elements

There are two ways to add elements to the calculator:

Click '+' icon

or just drag and drop an element into your form

After adding a new element to your calculator, that element's settings will be provided to fill. Add all necessary data to the dragged element and save your work.

Add other elements to your calculator due to wish. As an example, you can check the built calculator below, with two extra elements added: Checkbox and Range Button


Do not forget to add at least one total element to your calculator at the end to make your calculator works properly.

The example above shows the sum of all the elements of the calculator. Here you can create various formulas by adding available Fields and Operators by clicking on them.

Please create a correct formula in Total element, paying attention to element field IDs, opening and closing paratheses in nested formulas. Otherwise, incorrect results may appear in the calculation summary.

Editing and Deleting an element

If you want to change element settings, in the Calculator editor, click on the edit icon of the element you want to change.

and click the Save Settings button after setting all options you wanted.

To delete an element, just click on the Trash icon in order to remove the element.

More detailed information on each element is provided in the Calculator Elements section.

Preview Calculator

You can see how your Calculator looks anytime using the Preview button.

This button allows you to see your changes or additions before saving the form. It is really useful when you have a doubt adding your calculator form into the page directly so that you can check it before publishing.

NOTE: The preview button works only after Saving the calculator. It is recommended to refresh the page when you cannot see preview results at once.

After saving, press the Preview button to check your work and you will see the popup board.

In Preview left side, there will be elements you added to the calculator. On the right side of the preview, you will see the values of each element relatively and the total description. The Total description will show the value due to your created formula.

Let's check how our sample calculator is working.

As you can see, the calculator is working correctly.

Created calculators can be inserted into the pages that you can review how to do it in Insert calculators into the page section.