File Upload (Pro feature)

Using the File Upload element allows you to upload files in different sizes, quantities and formats.

Element Tab

The File Upload element has the following attributes in the Element Tab:

  • Name - Title of the element.

  • Description - Description of the element.

  • Maximum file size - the maximum size of the file that can be uploaded.

The field above takes its value from the configurations of the host server. Learn more about increasing the maximum file size here.

  • Maximum attached files - the maximum quantity of the files that can be attached.

  • File upload price - shows the file upload price.

  • Supported file formats - specifies the file formats that can be uploaded.

By default, WordPress allows only common file formats to be uploaded. However, all file types can be set as allowed by taking certain steps. To learn more about it navigate to this section.

Settings Tab

The File Upload element has the following attributes in the Settings Tab:

  • Currency Sign - Enable if you want to show the currency symbol.

  • Required - Defines whether the element will be required to fill or not.

  • Hidden by Default - The element will be hidden until a corresponding condition is met.

  • Show in Grand Total - Disable if you want to hide the element in Grand Total.

  • Additional Classes - Add extra classes to the HTML elements to further style changes.

To add the File Upload element to your calculator simply drag and drop the element to your preferred place of the calculator. Fill in the fields based on your preference and save the changes.

Below you can see the result of the created sample calculator with File Upload element. By Choose file button you can upload files directly from your computer or upload files via URL.

The result of the File Upload element will be displayed in the total summary.

Received orders can be located in Dashboard > Cost Calculator > Orders. Orders with attached files are displayed with Paper Clip icon beside them.

Uploaded files are available in the open form on the popup window which appears after clicking the order.

When Woo Checkout is enabled in calculator settings the details of the order will be displayed in the WooCommerce orders section and attached files can be found from the order details.

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