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How To Make a Delivery Service Cost Calculator

In this era of every service being door to door, Delivery Service companies are emerging. From Online Shopping to Grocery shopping everything is being delivered at people’s homes. You may create a cost estimating tool if you operate a delivery service firm with the help of Cost Calculator Builder.

In this tutorial we’ve created a package delivery service cost tool. Let's have a look at a step-by-step guide,

Firstly before a package delivery, the sender needs to give information on the package. The costing varies with how much the package is smaller or bigger.

We added three Quantity Fields for the package size,

  • Height

  • Width &

  • Depth


Mention the height is in centimeters and set a default value.


Set a default value and Quantity Unit.


Do the same for depth.

Now, as the size of the package is stated, you need to find the distance between the package sender and receiver. We can use a Range Button Field for that purpose.

Make sure that there is a maximum range of distance mentioned in the backend. This way, customers will have knowledge about the range of your delivery service. If your maximum is 50 miles, that will mean you provide your service upto 50 miles radius. Select the currency symbol as miles for distance.

Finally, add the type of services in the Checkbox Field. With this field, the client can mention what kind of service they want. If the delivery is urgent they can want the delivery to be on the same day with extra charge or they can have the delivery in two days.

The total calculation can be done like this,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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