Range Button
The Range Button element allows you to add a Range Slider with start and end values.
The Range Button element contains the following attributes:
  • Element Name - Title of the element
  • Element Description - Description of the element
  • Description Position - Position of the text, which is written on the Description field
  • Minimum Range Value - minimum value that Range Button can take
  • Maximum Range Value - maximum value that Range Button can take
  • Range Step - shows the step to grow the range
  • Range Default Value - the initially appeared number
  • Currency Symbol - a symbol of the input value
  • Range Unit - shows how many units the range can grow to
  • Currency Symbol on Total Description - Enable if you want to disable the currency symbol in the total summary
  • Round Value - Enable if you want not to round value to the whole number in the total summary
  • Default Hidden - The element will be hidden until a corresponding condition is met
  • Additional Classes - Add extra classes to the HTML elements to further style changes
Now let's fill the element's fields:
Here is the result of the Range Button element in the calculator form:
Here is the result of the Range Button element in the total summary:
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