Tuition Fees

How to Make a Cost Calculator for Tuition Fees

Tuition expenses, whether at a university or a school, are a major source of concern for both students and parents. They have to make a budget even before the semester begins. For that reason, the cost calculator is an important aspect. In this post, we will show steps for a tuition-fee calculator.

Let's go through the specifics,

Backend Preview,

At first, the student needs to clarify what subject they’re interested in. We’ll use the Drop Down Menu for this part,

We’ve used four major subject choices and their annual fees in the Option Value.

Then, the student needs the books and supply costs for their studies. We’re adding a Drop Down Menu for the choices.

We’ve added four options along with the expenses.

Thirdly, a residence needs to be chosen. Residence option is basically about the living option for a student during the year. For that we’ll use a Radio Field.

If the student stays inside campus, then the total Cost will be counted, otherwise the cost will be zero for living expenses.

Afterwards, there’s a meal option included in the Tuition Fees for which we’re using a Drop Down Menu

Then, we’re going to add a Toggle Field to ask the student if they have a scholarship or not.

If they answer yes, then we’ll ask them the scholarship amount. We’re going to use a Drop Down Menu for this purpose,

Here, we’ve added two options with negative value. This is because the scholarship amount will be deducted from the total Tuition Fee amount.

We'll utilize this method to calculate the entire summary,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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