Group Field (Pro feature)

Group Field is an element that allows you to group a set of fields together, which can then be conditionally showed based on the user's input. It's perfect for creating more interactive and responsive forms where certain fields will show up upon the user's choices or inputs.

Settings in Group

Group name - Put the name for the field with the Group element.

Show Name - Tick the checkbox if you want to show the name of the Group element in the calculator.

Make this group collapsible - By enabling this you allow your users to reveal or hide the group of fields.

Show this group based on condition - It will make the group hidden by default. Create a condition with it to show this group.

How to use a Group element

  1. To add a Group, drag and drop it from the Elements section:

  1. Then you can add new fields in Group by dropping elements from the Elements section or other fields from the calculator.

You can not add Group and Repeater elements inside the Group element.

  1. You can enable making the group collapsible.

This is how it will look on the user's page:

And you can use the condition for the group.

Create a condition in the Conditions tab which will show the group.

This is how it will look on the user's page:

An example of using Group element

Let’s take an example of a clinic with different services. You can use a Group element if you want to know more about the patients before the consultation. You can add a Group with elements asking for extra info about the client such as the type of consultation, short details about the reason for the visit, uploading medical checkup docs, etc.

Then you can set up the conditions to show the Group if your customer chooses the certain types of clinic directions.

That is how Conditions will look with and without using Group in the same case.

That is how your customers will see it:

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