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How To Make A Service Booking Form With Cost Estimation And Payment Support

Cost Calculator Builder, being the best Cost Calculator builder in the world, has a number of features and functionality that may help you manage and organize your business online, including the ability to build Service Booking forms.

You can make a Booking Form with total Cost Estimation of any kind. You can make Transportation Service, Salon Service, Beauty Salon Service, Tailor Service cost estimation etc. Cost Calculator Builder will help you to make a cost estimation calculator for your customers so that they don’t face hassles searching through price lists. By estimating the total cost, they can send you the business owner a list of services they want.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how you can make a Beauty Salon Service Cost Estimation Form.

Let’s see step by step how you can make it.

Creating Services

Firstly, our basic calculator will look like this,

In this scenario, we'll make a calculator that allows our users to select a beauty salon service and a day and time for their appointment.

Let’s represent the services we’re offering with the help of Drop Down Menu

Here, You can,

  • Select the name of the service you are providing

  • Select a default Description

  • We have given three options for massages and added the cost of each massage

  • If you want this service to be required, you can keep the options on or off.

Next let’s offer some more services like Haircut and makeup. These would look like this,

Now you have to give a booking date option so that your customer can select which day they want to get their services.

For the Date Picker Field, you have to select the element name and give description. The date option should be a required field as this will be a pre booking calculator. The option for date would look like this,

You can select the Calculation Process of how you want to calculate the services altogether.

This is how your backend would look like with all the elements.

And this is how you would calculate the services altogether.

Now, after choosing all the options, the total estimation will be shown. The full calculator Preview screen will be like this,

After getting the whole estimation of the services, the customer will submit a form that will be emailed to you.

This is how we can build a Service Booking Calculator with the simplest options. You can build one for your own business following this tutorial. You won’t need to worry about giving a price list externally or whether a customer will bargain prices after booking.

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