Toggle Button

The Toggle element allows you to put a single-value radio button to turn on/off.

The Toggle element contains the following attributes:

  • Label field - Title of the element

  • Description field - Description of the element

  • Currency Symbol on Total Description Disabled - Enable if you want to disable the currency symbol in total summary

  • Round Value To Whole Disabled - Enable if you want not to round value to the whole number in the total summary

  • Toggle Options - Add options with their values by clicking the Add Toggle Options button. You can add as many options as you need.

Toggle button options' values should be differently set for using the conditional system properly

The added toggle option values are only visible in the Total Summary part.

That means, when you give the value to your toggle element, you cannot see the value in your calculator, but you can see it in the total summary part which is logically correct.

Check the example in the toggle element.

The result of the Toggle element in the calculator form:

The result of the Toggle element in the total summary: