Managing Calculators

You can find your already created and imported calculators under the My Calculators button:

And here you can get Calculator Short-code, and also Edit, Customize, Duplicate or Delete actions.

Editing Calculators

To edit the ready created or the imported default calculators, just click the pencil icon and make your changes on them.

When you click the editing icon, you will be directed to the calculator board to make edits.

Customizing Calculators

To give unique styles to your calculator and for customizing, choose the second icon.

The more detailed information about customization can be found in the Calculator Customization section.

Duplicating Calculators

If you need a copy of the sample calculator, click the third copy icon to duplicate.

After clicking that icon, you will see the duplicated calculator with changed id.

Deleting Calculators

Deleting is done using the trash icon on the right side.

As you can see, there is no Renovation calculator with the id=10 in the calculators' list after doing deletion.