Translation Basics

Would you like your business calculator to be translated into multiple languages? Most of the strings are dynamic and you customize the text in every part of the Calculator:

Editing the Calculator and customizing its settings is the easiest way of translating using built-in options.

Translating Name, Field Labels, Placeholders, Options and Values

To change the name of the calculator just rename it while editing the calculator:

To translate any fields on your Calculator, click the element whose labels you want to translate. In the Main settings, enter your text in your desired language for Name, Placeholder and Description:

Some fields like Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Toggle Button, Image Dropdown, Image Radio, and Image Checkbox include Options that require translation:

If the Calculator includes an HTML field, only the content of the tags should be translated:

While editing the Formula filed only Name should be translated:

Do not forget to save the fields after translating.

Translating Notifications and Validation Messages

If the Contact form is enabled on your Calculator after successfully submitting the form, the order details will be displayed to the user:

To translate this section edit the calculator, open Settings tab and go the Notifications tab:

When a user leaves a required field empty the Calculator display validation messages:

Translating Grand Total and Buttons

The default title of Grand "Total Summary" can be translated on the Grand Total section of Calculator Settings:

The "Submit" button of Contact form can be translated on the Send Form section of Calculator Settings:

You can see the results below:

When Dynamic fields are completely translated, the generated Pdf will be translated to when it is downloaded:

While translating the Cost Calculator, you may notice a couple of parts that aren't translatable by editing the Calculator and its settings. To complete the translation progress the static strings should be translated as well:

Translating Static Strings

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