Repeater (Pro feature)

Repeater is an element in the calculator that lets your customers calculate costs for several items or people in a single form. Perfect for group orders, events, and collaborative planning. It saves time, reduces manual effort, and boosts efficiency.

Settings in Repeater

Repeater name - Put the name for the field with the Repeater element.

“Add” button label - Put the text for the button to repeat the elements in the Repeater.

“Remove” button label - Put the text for the button to delete the repeated element.

Repeat limit - Choose how many times you want to let your customers repeat the elements.

Sum up values in all fields - Enable this if you want the calculator to sum up the values of all fields in the Repeater.

Use formula for the repeatable group - Enable this if you want to use your own formula for the repeatable group.

How to use a Repeater element

  1. To add a Repeater, drag and drop it from the Elements section:

  1. Then you can add new fields in Repeater by dropping elements from the Elements section or other fields from the calculator.

You can not add Formula and Repeater elements inside the Repeater element.

  1. You can make fields required to fill for your users inside each element.

  1. You can enable summing up values of all fields.

This is how it will look on the user's page:

Or you can use the formula for the repeatable group.

This is how it will look on the user's page:

  1. When your customer makes an order, that's how it will look in Orders and PDF:

Important: Repeater element can't be used in Conditions.

Two examples of using Repeater element

  1. Let’s take an example of a custom T-shirt shop. If you use a repeater element, your customers can choose shirts of different colors, sizes and designs.

That is how your customers will see it:

  1. Let’s take a look at an event booking form. Your website visitors can book any business coaching event for any number of people with different seats. To do that, you can create a repeater element with participants’ names and seat sections.

That’s how it will look for your customer:

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