When rearranging options in the elements such as Radio Select, Image Radio, Checkbox, Image Checkbox, Dropdown list and Image Dropdown, keep in mind that conditions rely on the positions of these options. Swapping element options can cause conditions to malfunction. Therefore, it's best not to swap them if conditions are set up. If you must swap, remember to readjust the conditions accordingly to maintain the calculator's functionality.

The usage of the conditional system is important when you have too many logical operations. It is really easy to use this feature due to its user-friendly interface.

  1. After choosing Calculator elements created in a calculator, only those elements will be listed in your condition area. Since this feature is dynamic, you cannot put conditions related to an element that does not exist.


It is important to set different values in the options of Radio Button, Drop Down, Toggle button, and Checkbox elements so that the conditional system feature works in a correct manner.

  1. To create a connection, you need to drag a line from the selected element to the desired one. The arrow indicates that the right element depends on the left element.


All connection points of one element are equal and their position does not affect the conditions.

  1. It is possible to create multiple connections and conditions between different elements.

  1. You can filter and show elements that impact fields and get affected by fields.

Here is what condition options can be used with each element:

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