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How To Make a Cost Calculator Tool for Dental Services

Dental treatments are essential for our dental health. Healthy Teeths are pretty important for our day to day life. If you’re a dentist who wants to build a calculator for your patients to estimate the cost of dental services, this tutorial is just for you.

Let’s hop into the guide of building a Dental Service Cost Estimation tool,

First, this is how the Backend of your calculator would look like,

Let’s say, these are all the services that you provide in your clinic. Start with the question if the patient wants Dental Veneers or not with the Drop-Down option.

Add Options and add values for them about how much you charge for them. Next, add the Number of Teeth option using the Range Button.

Now, offering Teeth Whitening Service using the Drop-Down option.

Add Sessions along with the Service using Range Field,

After that, add a Toggle Option for Diagnostic X-Ray,

You can add Option Name and Value as the Pricing. Then add, Drop Down Menu for Dental Fillings,

Add, Drop Down Menu for Crowns & Bridges,

Add, Drop Down Menu for Dentures,

We have added a Number Of Teeth Option for every Service. You can Duplicate the option so that you don’t need to make one for each service,

The total amount will be calculated with this formula,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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