Medical Services

How to Make a Cost Calculator for Medical Services

Most Private and Government Hospitals provide online services. As medical services are pretty expensive, the patient should be able to estimate the total cost of medical facilities they want to receive. For this purpose, the tutorial that we’re going to show is about cost estimation for medical services.

Now onto the specifics,

The Backend of our Cost Calculator would look like this,

Firstly, the patient needs to select what specialized doctor they want to see. We’re using a Drop Down menu for that,

After they've selected the Service, they need to mention if they are visiting the doctor for the first time or if they are follow-up patients. We using Drop Down menu for this as well,

Then they can select if they want to do Medical Tests. We’re using Toggle Button for this field. The patient can turn the toggle button on or off.

If they say yes, then we’ll add a Checkbox Field for selecting the number of tests.

The total amount would be calculated using this formula,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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