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How to make a Car Rental Estimation Tool with Cost Calculator Builder

A car rental organization is a business that hires automobiles for a charge for short periods of time. It is typically structured with multiple local branches and is typically placed around airports or major city areas, and it is generally supported with a website that allows online bookings. So, if you operate a thriving car rental company, this article is for you.

Let's go through the steps now,

Backend Preview

Since this calculator is meant to be for a car rental service, the first thing we need to do is give an option for Car Type. The client should choose a car type that they want to rent. We’ll use a Drop Down Menu for this.

We provided two options. One for a 4 seater car and another for minivan as there could be more than 4 people.

Following that, we will utilize a Radio Field to select an option for hiring a car for a single day or multiple days.

The price varies depending on the option the client chooses.

Now, we’re going to consecutively use two different Date Picker Field for two different trip types. If the Client chooses Single Day Trip then we’ll use this,

See carefully, that we’ve used the No Range Option so that the client can only book one day. The front end will look like this for no range option,

Now, if the multiple day Trip type is selected, then the Date Picker will look like the following,

Here, we’ve enabled a range choice inside the calendar option. Thus, the frontend will be,

Now, we’re going to set a condition for date pickers. If the The Condition we built is this,

We took three elements and connected them with the Condition Option. Now, we’ll set conditions for each case. These are the conditions,

The conditions are set in such a way that if the client chooses the Single Day Booking option, then the Multiple Date Picker option will be hidden. And if the opposite is chosen, then the single Date Picker option will be invisible. The front end previews of each options is shown below,

Now coming into the next part, we’ll add another option which is Fuel Cost using a Toggle Field. The customer can add the fuel charge with the car rental total cost estimation so that the owner provides fuel along with the car. Or they can choose to pay for that after they take the car.

The total amount will be calculated through following formula,

Frontend Preview:

Exported Calculator:

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