With the Dropdown element, you can insert many options to a single drop.

The Dropdown element contains the following attributes:

  • Label field - Title of the element

  • Description field - Description of the element

  • Default Value - The default value field takes inputs after you add option values in Add Drop Down Options

  • Currency Symbol on Total Description Disabled - Enable if you want to disable the currency symbol in total summary

  • Round Value To Whole Disabled - Enable if you want not to round value to the whole number in the total summary

  • Drop Down Options - Add options with their values by clicking the Add Drop Down Options button. You can add as many options as you need.

Drop-down options' values should be differently set for using the conditional system properly

Let's check by an example with its result:

The result of the Dropdown element in the calculator form:

The result of the Dropdown element in the total summary: