Multi-range (Pro feature)


With the Multi-range element, you can give different ranges independently for the left and right sides.

The Multi-range element contains the following attributes:

  • Element Name - Title of the element

  • Element Description - Description of the element

  • Description Position - Position of the text, which is written on the Description field

  • Minimum Range Value - minimum value that multi-range can take

  • Maximum Range Value - maximum value that multi-range can take

  • Range Step - shows the step to grow the range

  • Default Start Value - the initially appeared number on the left side

  • Default End Value - last appeared number on the right side

  • Currency Symbol - any sign for the range of this element

  • Range Unit - a unit value of quantity or number or price

  • Additional Classes - Add extra classes to the HTML elements to further style changes

Pay attention to the Maximum Range Value and Default Start Value. The Default Start Value cannot be higher than the Maximum Range Value.

Please check an example below:

Below you can see the result of the created multi-range element with the description.

  • Element Name - Annual Tax Value

  • Element Description - tax in dollars

  • Minimum Range Value - 1

  • Maximum Range Value - 100

  • Range Step - 1

  • Default Start Value - 1

  • Default End Value - 50

  • Currency Symbol - $

  • Range Unit - 1