Plugin Conflicts

If you’re experiencing loading issues, pages not loading correctly, or the loading content icon spinning and spinning but going nowhere, then you may be experiencing a conflict between Cost Calculator and other plugins on your site.

The best and most effective method of troubleshooting is simply disabling all of the plugins on your site except for the Cost Calculator. You will be able to see if the issue disappears with only our product turned on. If it does, then you will want to go through and turn each plugin back on one by one until you see the issue reappear.

This will tell you exactly which plugin is causing the conflict, then you can either submit a support ticket letting us know the issue or you can choose to leave the plugin turned off or find an alternative one to use.

If you’re concerned about doing it on your live site, you may be able to copy your site over to a staging environment so that your users are not disrupted. Most hosts come with free staging sites for their users.

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