Changelog (Free Version)


15 Mar, 2022
Fix: STMMailChimpBase redeclaration error.


1 Mar, 2022
  • Fix: Bug with notification on dashboard after activation of plugin
  • Fix: System data (beneath the pricing plans) on Upgrade Page is static
  • Fix: Visual bug with value and price in Total Summary of calculator


25 Feb, 2022
  • New: The notification with options to collect the user's data in our newsletters after activating the plugin


17 Feb, 2022
  • Fix: HTML and Line custom elements come up the body of the message when Contact Form 7 is enabled
  • Fix: Text content is not displaying on Checkout, when WooCheckout function is enabled
  • Fix: Hide Zero values function does not work in Total Summary field
  • Fix: Scroll bar of calculator builder interferes of frontend calculator scroll bar
  • Fix: Font Settings changes does not work in Customize section for Total Summary
  • Fix: Bug with order total value


3 Feb, 2022
  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 5.9


3 Feb, 2022
  • New: Added the extra new set of styles for Cost Calculator dashboard
  • New: Options Label on Email
  • Fix: Removed Freemius SDK from plugin's core (see the previous update about Freemius SDK)
  • Fix: Edited 'Dublicate' to 'Duplicate' word on a button in builder panel
  • Fix: Total Custom Element does not work with If-Else conditions fixed
  • Fix: Order is not commencing after submitting the button on Live or Demo Calculator
  • Fix: Correct validation before creating the order
  • Fix: Counters do not work on Dropdown Slider Custom Element


19 Jan, 2022
  • New: Freemius SDK for better analytics (mostly for us the developers)
  • Fix: Visual overlapping bug with Edit and Duplicate buttons on deployed custom elements
  • Fix: Bug with id generation for custom calculator elements on builder
  • Fix: Bug with replacing element values in a formula
  • Fix: Bug with counting formula in Total custom element
  • Fix: Bug with default displaying the decimals on quantity field


7 Dec, 2021


17 Nov, 2021


22 Oct, 2021
  • UPD: Compatibility update with Cost Calculator Pro v2.2.0
  • FIXED: Total fields custom order
  • FIXED: Total fields’ Additional classes
  • FIXED: Symbols appearance in calculator title


20 Oct, 2021
  • UPD: Checkbox and toggle elements updated
  • UPD: Refactoring and update of the Pro version code


24 Sep, 2021
  • ADDED: Bulk delete action and bulk duplicate action
  • UPD: Flow chart changes, chart node input and output points set to 8 each
  • UPD: Show direction by arrows for condition link
  • UPD: Changes in coordinates logic
  • UPD: Setting tab, general block style changes and minor style changes
  • UPD: Import/Export feature
  • FIXED: Correct conditions show for old version data
  • FIXED: Date difference in Woocommerce checkout
  • FIXED: Bug on moving the node/link coordinates
  • FIXED: Custom range circle color for each calculator on one page


  • UPD: Required option to Datepicker field
  • FIXED: Elements in the condition tab overlap
  • FIXED: Required fields issue
  • FIXED: Range slider custom color
  • FIXED: Condition to the HTML and text area elements
  • ADDED: Admin notifications


  • FIXED: Calculator disappearing issue after updating


  • ADDED: Ability to display tooltips in the frontend for Toggle Button and Checkbox elements
  • ADDED: Ability to display tooltips in the frontend for Toggle Button and Checkbox elements
  • ADDED: Ability changing input fields color in Customize menu
  • ADDED: All elements’ field titles
  • ADDED: Description Position option to display the description before or after element
  • ADDED: Show Alternative Symbol option in Total element
  • ADDED: Hide Empty Options setting for Total Summary
  • IMPROVEMENT: Detailed calculations for Range Button element to be displayed in Contact Form messages
  • FIXED: Cannot enter decimal numbers in Quantity fields at iPhone / iPad (Safari, Chrome), Mac(Safari)
  • FIXED: Range Slider does not display thousands separator


  • ADDED: ccb_custom_importer hook to run calculators import automatically during the demo content import of the theme layout


  • FIXED: Woo Products bug


  • FIXED: Checkbox option label fixed on Vertical Total Summary
  • FIXED: Load scripts and styles on all pages
  • FIXED: Big Calculator data is not being saved


  • IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce Products feature integrated
  • UPD: Settings Patch added


  • IMPROVEMENT: Show full Checkbox Description on Horizontal View
  • FIXED: Range Button Default Value is not applying
  • FIXED: Calendar Datepicker issue on Safari
  • FIXED: Customize > Quantity field width issue
  • FIXED: Customize > Submit Button > Hover effects issues
  • FIXED: Customize > Font settings > Text position problems
  • FIXED: Customize tab is not opening for New Calculators
  • FIXED: Import empty calculators
  • FIXED: Dashboard visual bugs


  • UPD: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
  • IMPROVEMENT: ‘My Calculators’ section added as plugins’ main page in Dashboard
  • IMPROVEMENT: Customizer section moved to Calculator page tabs
  • IMPROVEMENT: Calculator changes saved without page reloading
  • IMPROVEMENT: Confirmation added before ‘delete’ action


  • Security update
  • FIXED: “Is Different Than” condition bug
  • FIXED: Radio Button conditional bugs


  • FIXED: Range slider bug
  • FIXED: dashboard visual bugs and responsiveness errors


  • FIXED: Range button toolbar sticky position on scroll
  • FIXED: Additional classes are not applied to the elements
  • FIXED: The style of the last calculator is applied to all calculators when 2 or more calculators are added to the single page
  • FIXED: Checkbox color settings
  • FIXED: Export button does not work on empty list
  • FIXED: Range field max and min values bug
  • FIXED: Length settings for Line element


  • UPD: Condition data refactoring and restructure
  • FIXED: Issue with saving big calculators fixed
  • FIXED: Conflict with themes’ jQuery scripts solved
  • FIXED: Enqueue script order changed


  • FIXED: Range slider handle position fixed on front-end and on dashboard preview
  • FIXED: Issue with the same option values of one element (Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, Toggle elements)
  • UPD: compatibility with WordPress 5.6


  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes


  • FIXED: Toggle and Checkbox values appearance in Total summary
  • FIXED: Date Picker appearance


  • Round value bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • ADDED: Customizer for header titles
  • Lodash version conflicts bug fixed
  • Improved calculator responsiveness
  • Conflict with Lazy Loading plugins fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Save custom styles bug fixed
  • Range field conflict with id fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Html field bug fixed
  • Duplicate calculator bug fixed
  • Checkbox color bug fixed
  • PHP 7.4 errors fixed


  • Bug with option name fixed
  • Redeclare function bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Save settings bug fixed
  • Conflict with edit with Elementor plugin fixed
  • Checkbox view fixed
  • Bug with unit row fixed
  • Range slider does not work on mobile fixed
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Render widgets VC & Elementor
  • Radio field bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New Multi-range field added
  • New Toggle button field added
  • Frontend redesigned
  • Admin page redesigned
  • Conditions System – New Unset action added
  • Customize bugs fixed


  • Text symbols problem fixed


  • Checkboxes with the same value calculation bug fixed
  • Horizontal Calculator displaying issue fixed


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Currency bug fixed
  • Checkbox calculation bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Form Data currency bug fixed
  • Form Data checkbox labels bug fixed
  • Duplicate Calculator bug fixed
  • Import/Export calculators bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Undefined Color error fixed
  • Text area new line error fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Customize Calculator front bugs fixed
  • Settings button
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Customize Calculator bugs fixed
  • Formula issues fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Submit button text field added
  • Range Button Circle Color bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • One click demo import/export
  • Currency settings bug fixed
  • Radio button not clickable bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Remove field issue fixed
  • Duplicate Calc issue fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Remove !important from inline styles
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Real-time Customizer feature added – lets you edit your calculator style in real time.
  • Decimals problem fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Html field bug fixed
  • Bug with currency fixed
  • Bug Total field with space fixed
  • Edit/Save reload the same page
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Description field
  • Duplicate calculator
  • Send subtotals an email
  • Calendar view bug fixed
  • Preloader on redirect/loading calculator
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Checkboxes problem fixed
  • Hide/Show descriptions
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Preview problem fixed


  • Labels problem fixed


  • Vertical & Horizontal IDs conflict fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Default Value field included to all Elements


  • Fixed problem with subdomain/subfolder websites


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Refactoring


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Plugin Release