Calculator Settings

After installing the plugin, there will be four main navigation options in the working area: Calculator, Condition, Settings, and Customize. The Settings option gives you the opportunity to change default settings. In the free version of this plugin, you can change general settings and currency settings.


In General settings you can specify the orientation of your calculator – Horizontal or Vertical and set up Total Summary Settings.

Vertical view
Horizontal view
Vertical view
Horizontal view

As an example, Total Summary Title is Total Summary, Calculator Box Style is Vertical, and Zero Values are set to show. The result is the following:


In Currency settings, you can choose prices and values settings due to your product, such as currency symbol, currency position, thousands separators and decimal separators, settings of the character appeared after the integer.

Below you check the example with the changes dollar sign ($) for currency symbol, Left with space for the currency position, comma (,) for the thousands of separators, full stop (.) for the decimal separators, and 2 for the number characters appeared after the integer.

Pro Version Settings

Send Form, Woo Products, Woo Checkout, Stripe, Paypal, reCAPTCHA options are only available in the Pro version of the Plugin.